Working Together To Ensure Better Outcomes

Better outcomes at work

When you step into our hospital it is easy to see our common goal at work: Working to achieve better outcomes for our patients.  It starts with our employees and their passion to help each patient overcome their adversity and reach a better quality of life.  Providing patients with unmatched, personalized care is only possible by hiring the most passionate, talented caregivers we can find. 

Commitment to Better Outcomes 

Our commitment is to deliver a higher level of care in order to achieve better outcomes for our patients.  Our unique approach to rehabilitation is evident by our interdisciplinary team approach, leading edge technology, and evidence-based strategies.

We’re committed to providing better outcomes to our employees as well.  We’ve paved the way by creating an environment where patient success is a reflection of the quality of care we provide and we celebrate those successes each and every day.

Celebrating Successful Outcomes

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Toms River values its employee’s and recognizes their successes and efforts to provide patients with an outstanding experience. On a daily basis, employees are acknowledged by their peers receiving public recognition with the “Thank You” award. On a quarterly basis, the hospital recognizes outstanding employees who demonstrate Clinical Leadership Excellence, Courtesy, Respect and Professionalism in their day-to-day functions. Our hospital also participates in the Corporate Outstanding Employee of the Year program, where nominated employees receive national recognition for their efforts.

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Toms River celebrates and applauds our employees dedicated to the healthcare profession.  We celebrate Doctors Day, Nurses Week, National Rehabilitation Week, Physical Therapy Month, Occupational Therapy Month, Dietary Month, HIPPA Week, Speech Month, Brain Injury Month, Stroke Month, Plant Operations Week, Environmental Services Week, Diabetes Month, and Respiratory Week.

Want to learn more about being a part of a team that puts outcomes first?  Contact a recruiter or check out our job opportunities!

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