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Dottie Vanarsdale

Dottie Vanarsdale

Dorothy Vanarsdale (Dottie) was at home alone on December 12, 2016 preparing for a holiday party in her neighborhood. She felt her hands and feet go tingly and then, remembers slowly lowering herself to the floor in the kitchen. She laid there most of the day, unable to move.

A close friend knew something had to be wrong for Dottie to not show up at the holiday party and not call anyone. She went to Dottie’s house after the party and when there was no response to her knocking on the door, she used a spare key to enter the home and found Dottie on the floor.

Dottie was not able to speak or move and was taken to the emergency room where they discover that Dottie had suffered a massive stroke that affected both sides of her brain. She was unable to move her right leg or arm and couldn’t speak and had a right sided facial drop.

Three days later, Dottie was admitted to HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Toms River. Her goal was to return home and be independent. The first day of therapy was very difficult for Dottie, but she was never told she couldn’t reach her goal.

Dottie trusted in her therapy team and knew they were asking her to do what they knew she was capable of. She credits physical therapist, Jessica and occupational therapist Christine with all of her success.

On January 15, 21 days later, Dottie reached her goal and was able to walk upon leaving HealthSouth Toms River and go home.

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