Patient Testimonial

George Abraham, Ph.D.

George Abraham

After a fall in January 2016 resulted in a herniated disc and stenosis, George Abraham, Ph.D., needed back surgery to heal his injuries, but became discouraged post-surgery over the inability to walk. When a friend told him about HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Toms River and offered to drive him, he took the first step towards regaining his lost independence.

On April 7, Dr. Abraham was admitted to HealthSouth Toms River with a primary rehabilitation goal to walk again. The multidisciplinary team at HealthSouth Toms River provided a safe environment for him to learn how to do just that on various surfaces from concrete to sand. Not only did his therapy team teach him how to walk, but also provided him with the education on how to prevent another fall.

“I haven’t had a fall since I left HealthSouth Toms River,” said Dr. Abraham. “They changed my life and it was the best experience of my life.”

After 12 days of intensive physical and occupational therapy, Dr. Abraham reached his goal and was able to return home, but his progress wouldn’t stop there.

Retired from more than 30 years of consulting and training more than100 companies on culture development, and even receiving Books&Authors.Net’s Award for Literary Excellence and The Best Business Book of 2007 for his book, “The Seven Deadly Work Sins,” Dr. Abraham has proven himself as a self-motivated go-getter. Now living near Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Abraham is keeping up with his two active granddaughters and continues to work on strengthening his legs.

Becoming a Patient

Our hospital provides care for those who are ready to be discharged from a hospital but not ready to return home. Treatment and care is designed to bridge the gap between hospital and home. Anyone who is limited functionally from an injury or illness can benefit from rehabilitation.

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