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Rodney Marshall

During May, hospitals around the country including HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Toms River observe Stroke Awareness Month. According to the National Stroke Association, approximately 795,000 Americans experience a new or recurrent stroke each year. In late July of 2013, 43-year-old Rodney Marshall of Toms River became part of that statistic.

Marshall was on his way to work as a community sanitation employee when he noticed that his body was not responding correctly.

“[My body] felt weird… like it was on a time delay. My brain was telling the right side of my body to do something but it wouldn’t react until about 5 seconds later,” says Rodney.

He made it to work and tried to make it through the day, but went home midday because he wasn’t feeling better. With hope of getting answers, he visited his primary doctor who directed him to the closest emergency room where he was diagnosed with having experienced a stroke.

After a one week stay at the hospital, Marshall was transferred to HealthSouth Toms River, an inpatient physical rehabilitation hospital adorned with Disease-Specific Care Certification in stroke rehabilitation from The Joint Commission. For one week, he received physical and occupational therapy as an inpatient to help him regain strength and the mobility of his left side that was impacted by the stroke. He then completed 8 months of therapy on an outpatient basis at HealthSouth Toms River. Therapists worked with him to relearn everyday tasks such as bathing and feeding himself and working on balance techniques.

“It is imperative for everyone to realize how important immediate treatment and rehabilitation are to the stroke recovery process,” said Carol Sonatore, D.O., medical director of HealthSouth Toms River. “Our comprehensive stroke program provides the focus and strength needed to overcome stroke’s unique challenges. Rehabilitation restores function, teaches people with disabilities new ways to perform daily activities and provides education and support for the stroke survivor and their family and caregivers.”

Thanks to the support and care that Marshall received from his family, medical specialists and the staff at HealthSouth Toms River, Marshall is now back to work and no longer needs to rely on others to help him complete everyday tasks such as bathing, clothing and feeding himself.

For more information on how a stroke rehabilitation program can help you or a loved one, please contact HealthSouth Toms River at 732 244-3100

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