Patient Testimonial

Timothy Krygier

Timothy Krygier was living in Cape Coral, Florida, when he had a motorcycle accident on March 23, 2010, right before his 25th birthday. The impact of the collision was so severe that 75 percent of his body was critically injured. He suffered multiple fractures to his upper body including a broken left eye socket and cheek bone; a shattered right forearm; a broken left shoulder; and a paralyzed left arm.

His left leg was so severely injured that it had to be amputated above the knee.  He credits the first responders for saving his life and airlifting him to an acute care hospital in Florida. After several months of intensive care and specialized treatment, Timothy came back home to Jackson, New Jersey, for rehabilitation.

Timothy received both physical and occupational rehabilitation therapy at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Toms River. Initially, he underwent intensive physical and occupational therapy on his upper body for the damage he suffered in the accident. 

“I saw remarkable improvement in my range of motion and most of the feeling returned to my left arm due to the excellent rehab I have received at HealthSouth,” Tim commented.

After being confined to a wheelchair for eleven months, Timothy was able to be fitted with prosthesis for his left leg. Three months later, Timothy was standing at his height of 6 feet 3 inches and walking again.

“It is a great feeling to be tall again and to have the independence to walk and to drive my pickup truck,” Tim said.

Timothy was so motivated by his recovery that he was able to fly to Florida to pick up his truck and to drive more than 1200 miles back to New Jersey. He credits the rehabilitation team at HealthSouth for his incredible progress.

“The guys and gals at HealthSouth will fix you up and make you whole again. They were always willing to answer my questions and were so helpful,” said Tim.

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